Excellence camp for abandoned children is looking for financial support!

Matthew is 10 years old and lives in the placement center for three years. It was a few months when police found him eating rats with his three-year-old sister. Parents were no longer interested in him, tortured him to live a hell of life, then abandoned him. The two of them were lonely, full of lice, dirty and dirty for almost three days. The house was small, and the place where they were sleeping, eating and doing their needs lived a few  years in the street.

They just brought comfort and relief to the suffering they were going through. The little one lives in a placement center in Bucharest, and when he grows bigger his dream is to become a surgeon. He is passionate about biology, humans and animals. Sensitively, silently and internally, he always looks for the entourage of mature people to understand his passions. When you think how great a man’s dream is so small.

As Matthew is still 59,000 children of the state, because their parents have abandoned them, whether they have died or have not had financial means to deal with their growth and education.

Studies show that abandoned children, at very young age, can develop   delays in social development. physical, emotional and high risk of illness.

At the age of 3, when the self-consciousness appears, the child also understands that he is not a nobody, which for him becomes a painful condition, especially not having that affectivity or attachment relationship necessary at this age. The child experiences a permanent fear and becomes vigilant over any sign that may be a danger. Its feel sorrow because of loss and anger because you are not there for him. Sometimes despair, pain, when abandonment is profound.

On the other hand, impulsivity, delinquency, aggressive or anti-social behavior are observed. The abandoned child’s syndrome also pretends to be moody, fearless, depressed, reserved and cold, has sentiment of guiltyness as they are the guilt and the root cause of their abduction.

Because of the financial and social earthquake, many care homes that shelter abandoned children or child protection directors do not have enough staff to help resolve psychological problems or educational programs to prevent psychological behaviors injured since the first sign of abandonment.

Children staying over summer holidays benefit from institutionalized treatment without activities to take up their spare time, and this can push them into delinquent deeds.

Poor children from disadvantaged families did not have the chance to win a camp program with specialized, integrated and experiential education.    However, the effects of staying over the summer, to save their lives, often send parents small to daily work, tearing them out of the wings of childhood, of the game. Many parents recognize that poverty pushes them into extreme situations where they call to help their own children for heavy daytime work.

Lack of education, specialized training, individualized counseling develops that bulge of generations of lost children.

20 abandoned children, including children from the family placement system, maternal care will benefit from quality programs   education dedicated to the discovery and development of passions and talents.

  • For seven days they will spend together with mentors trained in biology, education, accredited psychologists, music, art therapy, invention, short film, dance, entrepreneurship and financial education, mentoring individually
  • For seven days they will produce a personal journal in which they will project their social and professional future, the teachings they have found
  • For seven days we want to discover the most hidden talents that can be trained in the great program of the Kristopher School of Fine Arts through an artistic show (theater, works exhibitions, paintings and inventions)
  • For seven days, children will perform a short feature   I can succeed which will be promoted in the TV programs, a children’s diary who want to succeed, an encouraging message for all children and young people in the child protection system


Costs: accommodation, table for 20 children    90 lei * 7 days – 12.600 lei

Trainers’ costs: accommodation, table for 10 specialists + 5 GPASPC attendants   90 lei 7 days – 9,450

Material costs: 2000 lei

Transport costs 35 persons: 4000 lei

Costs of specialists: 10,000 lei

Total: 38,050 lei

Since 2008, we have organized programs and camps specializing in training and developing talents and passions for children from the age of three to adolescence (15 years). This year we will have a dedicated camp on individualized education based on mentoring and counseling for their personal development.

The camp of excellence will take place July 16-22, at Dor de Bucovina, Suceava County Workshops for personal development, theater, art-craft, surprises every evening, spiritual, emotional and physical training will help them find a purpose in life.

Mentors will help them find inspiration and strength to find their purpose and talent, things that will help them to survive, overcome their condition, discover themselves. Through an educational environment, children will find support and permanent counseling in the program mentors, in which they will have the chance to ask questions about how to overcome the traumas of abandonment. We’ll have issues about pardon therapy.

Lajos Kristof is one of the youngsters who have succeeded, a fairly small percentage. Raised in small placement centers, the young man is licensed in international relations and European studies, trained in the education of gifted children, with a master in clinical psychology and a training psychologist (the second faculty in the process of being completed) is the president of Gifted Center Kristopher Association. Named the genius coach, the disciple of Master Florian Colceag, he was nominated for awards in education, child rights and health. Recently, the top 10 best male nursery educators have been nominated. He has won several awards in literature and journalism.




Lajos Kristof



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