The first journalistic event providing live coverage, unique in the world, at the National Gala for Gifted Children – Romania

Gala Nationala a Copiilor Supradotati 

The National Gala for Gifted Children is a unique event in Romania, and it supports and recognizes national values and excellent education through high potential children throughout the country! The participants from all generations of children from the Excellent Schools are invited to participate in the National Gala for Gifted Children in Romania, on February 25, 6 p.m., at the Dalles Hall. The main aim of the event is to recognize and award prizes to the exceptional Romanian children with the highest results.

Our country is filled with gifted children. More than any other European country. But we do not know exactly what to do with them. In Romania (the only country in the world) there are no centers for their training, and no dedicated school programs. Therefore, many will be lost, without anyone ever knowing that they had a chance to save Romania.

The Romanian educational system is a graveyard of destroyed potentials! Killing dreams and the joy of a gifted child’s continuous rebirth is a crime.

Their life stories are touching and teaching us. They will teach us the meaning of work, devotion, passion, tears, success, and achievement. Their school status and the way in which their talent is recognized!

Guest appearances: Maia Morgestern, Florin Chilian, Iustin Capra – inventor

Speakers: Prof. Florian Colceag, Ph.D., President of IRSCA Gifted Education; David Morar – Excellent Member, one of the distinguished PR members of the Excellent Schools; Tabara Ionel Marian, supporter of gifted Romanian children.

Performances on the Dalles stage:

Karina Luncanu

Koc Maria

Vlad Murgulescu

Anastasia Constantinescu

Vlad Morar

Cotfas Carmina

Bianca Panciu

There will be special surprises which we invite you to enjoy and be touched by! An extraordinary surprise duo of two brilliant young people, a performance which will show the true value of the mentor-disciple relationship.

Promotion children’s council:

Tudor Orosz

Petre Tudorache

Marius Palaghianu

Liviu Anghel

Matei Stamo

IRSCA Gifted Education intends to stimulate and promote original Romanian education and research, to attract young people with talents for research, leadership, entrepreneurship and arts, and to contribute to the prestige of such national and international activities. „To promote and support the development of people with different gifts and talents: science, arts, management, and leadership, and to train human resources to be able to solve the highly complex problems of our times.”

We wish to fulfill the dreams of the children who do not have the opportunity to develop their talents and potentials to their maximum. At the National Gala for gifted children we want to involve rich people around us and the local authorities to become our trusted partners. We want to gather the drops of beautiful and kind people, and give them as the gift of the light of joy and knowledge to the high potential children of Romania.

Those of us who want such events to take place more often are many. We can give such joy and happiness to these children, who cannot fully enjoy the best education, and the attention and love of the people closest to them.

Natural persons and companies are invited to participate in this show, which brings together all the brilliant children from all over the country. Their sensitivity will convince you that the Romanian educational system deserves them. Our purpose is to gather big-hearted high-class people to fund the first PROGRAM AND MENTORING CENTER in Bucharest.

Presenters: Liviu Anghel and Lajos Kristof

Producer: Lajos Kristof

Assistant producer: Dana Beleiu

Contact person for media partnerships and sponsorship: Lajos Kristof, Manager for Programs and Guidance for Gifted Children: , Phone: 0756.355.047″